This Friday taking my first CCNP exam BCRAN 642-821 any last tip people can share?

Just need to reread about VPN, Boardband and Queuing

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BlueFire wrote in news:43d62b43$0$15126 $ snipped-for-privacy@news.optusnet.com.au:

Make sure you got you knowledge in dialer interfaces... That might come in handy...

Good luck


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Lars L. Christensen

Thanks for the support

Passed today with a 830/1000

Anyone else looking at taking this exam, brush up on Debugs and show commands screen. fair bit of Backup command questions


3 to go :D
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i just passed 10 min ago.. definitely brush up on the stuff you would more expect on the CIT exam. and know how to configure ISDN, *hint hint* *nudge nudge*

830 also.
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John Smith

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