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I just purchased a catalyst 1900 off ebay to get some command line experience with a switch. Well, the switch is menu driven. How can I make it command line driven. If I install a new IOS version "cat1900en.9.00.07.bin" will this make the switch command line driven?

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Howard Huntley
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Yes surely.

The Cisco 1900 switch was when originally sold sold in two versions

a) with standard software b) wih enterprise software

a was menudriven b was beyond menus with full access to the IOS software. Alse it supported VLAN's.

At the time the 1900 switch was sold the use of VLAN's wasn't that developed so the most of them was sold with the standar dsoftware.

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Howard Huntley

I just purchased a catalyst 1900 off ebay to get some command line

line driven? Hi everybody... I also want to be CCNA Certified, I've been studying for it since few months ago. But I don't realy know what do you mean by CCNA3?

Is it 640-801? If so please somebody send me those Q&A's mailto:

And one more thing that I need is the cat1900EN.9.00.07.bin IOS file for my 1900 Catalyst so I can use the CLI with the cool features of VLAN's and the other cool features.

I need help with that, especially the cat1900EN.9.00.07.bin file. PLEAASE HELP Thank you... _________________ Kamal Machareka

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snipped-for-privacy@spam.invalid (kamalmachareka) wrote in news:CTfCf.314233$Es3.229355

These are older switches and still use the older, full word style in the command line interface. However, good to play with and learn. Might have a few issues with running multiple VLANs though. Although, that may still be operator error in my case.

Here is a link that I use almost daily. I use a 1900 for testing and as a learning tool also. These are too slow for production use anymore.

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