Erase all Password on CAT 1900

I purchased a CAT 1900 on eBay but ca't get into it since it's password protected. I have tried all reset suggestions I have found on line from Cisco and this discussion group without success. Does anyone have a suggestion or maybe the Cisco default passwords?

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I have just e-mailed a pdf to your e-mail address. Hope it is the correct address.


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Martin Kayes

I am sure that the mysterious document mailed to you will be correct.

Cisco password recovery is in general well ducumented and works. Note that however some modern kit has the option of dissabling the password recovery feature as a security measure. I don't know if this can be reversed or not.


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for [password recovery 1900] for example.

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"Password Recovery Procedure for the Cisco Catalyst 1700, 1900, 2100,

2800, and 2820"

If you are having problems state what is happening and someone will be able to assist.

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I have already tried the recovery method from Martin. It will not go into the diagnostics screen. It asks for the system management password which I don't have either.

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