Just passed CCNA 640-801 Today

Wheewwwww today is my first time to take 640-801, i'm glad I passed it with 860, 849 is the passing rate. WHOAAAA, very first question that I GOT IS A SIM !!!!! hahaha I recommend using SYBEX books by Todd Lammle and try getting books with a lot of labs. SYBEX Books are the greatest (for me).


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All answers are on the cisco net academy material. Sybex is pretty shit, a lot of information not required to be a successful networking engineer when you consider sybex goes into detail about appletalk access-list number ranges...total nonsense.

If you can't afford the net-academy, then just download the torrent for the four semesters. Everything's in there, then get some practice questions to put your theory into practice. The fact you only got 860, 11 marks past the minimum, suggests you're not really all that good. I got 1000 out of 1000 due to both knowing the knowledge and implementing it successfully.

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Good Job ! 86%

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The fact you only got 860, 11 marks past the

you're a f****it!

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No I'm not, I'm just very smart and adept at passing exams in which I have a career interest.

You, my friend, are basically a dumb-f*ck who is blatently going to end up with a rubbish £14,000 wage in a non-progressive role. Good luck in that crappy job :-)

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