Boson NetSim Problem, HELP

im using boson net sim and have a network set up just a basic simple network that i have done in the labs so many times before

fa0/0 = /24

thats fine

now when i come to set the serial interface on the same router in boson with the following ip and mask

s0/0 = /24

i get a message saying that overlaps with fastethernet0/0

is this an error in boson or am i missing some fundamental aspect to networking here?

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Just my two cents but perhaps you might consider having every separate network segment on a different subnetwork such as

router1 fa0/0 = /24

s0/0 = /24

router2 fa0/0 = /24

s0/0 = /24

The above example doesn't overlap because the interfaces don't both reside in the same /24 subnet.



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Mike, Your example doesn't work either unless your planning on bridging the segments or doing some type of NAT. Both of your LAN segments are on the same subnet, they would never communicate.

To the OP. All segments need to unique, you cannot have the same subnets on different interface on the same router. While you did have different IP's on the interfaces, you had them on the same network (192.168.4.X). On a single router it is mandatory they be on different subnets. Across routers you "could" have the same subnets, but that would require going into some advanced topics such as bridging and/or NAT'ing which often happens when partnering with a new company. I think at this point in your studying you best stick with straight routing and not worry about it now.


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Brian V

cheers people

i got it working now, i was being a bit silly about the networks, my boson is netsim 6 with a repair key

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