Has anyone experience with the new Boson Ex-Sim for CCNP?


Has somebody passed the CCNP or parts of it, who has prepared with the new Ex-Sim from Boson?

Was the real test comparable with the Ex-Sim or harder?

Best regards, Martin Funke.

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Martin Funke
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Hello Martin, you might look into ActualTests.com or Pass4Sure.com when getting ready to actually take the exam. I know some people frown on this, but I have found it very helpful going through the questions. It's not until you start asking questions (or have someone ask you questions) that you really understand whether you know the material or not.

I would also strongly recommend checking out Dynamips. It's a program written for Windows that runs REAL Cisco IOS. It's like having a router run on your PC (and you can run several IOS's/several virtual routers at once. You're really only limited by your RAM and CPU speed).


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