Boson Netsim CCNP

Hi NG,

i installed Boson Netsim for CCNP now on several PCs, as i start it up i get an "Run-time error '7'; out of memory. i got it running on my oldest box, but im unable to get it running on my laptop or other win XP Systems. I would be happy for any advice.

cheers colin

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Throw away Boson stuff. Go buy your self some 2950's and 3550 switches on Ebay. Load Dynagen up on your pc

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a real lab network.

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If it's the BSCI module you are studying, why not try dynamips/dynagen instead of paying out for boson. It's as goos as the real deal and runs real Cisco IOS's.


Freerdie wrote:

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Yes. Try dynamips. Boson doesn't have all features that real router has. With dynamips, you are actually running real router.

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