BCMSN lab?

I did BCMSN with a single 2950 SI and a 2911XM with a couple of fast ethernet ports.

The amount of L3 stuff in the BCMSN is minimal. There is a bit of configuration, but with the EI image you should be able to do 80% of the lab work. Unless you are heading for CCIE where you need really an L3 switch or two of your own, I'd save the cash on a third switch, and use it on the off-chance that you don't pass the exam first time. You honestly won't touch it again until CCIE.

Your money, tho... your call.

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Hi all,

I have just passed BSCI today and will be preparing for BCMSN soon. I have already purchased 2 sets of Cisco 2950G-12 EI switch for my home BCMSN lab and I believe I would need a 3rd switch to complete my lab.

Looking at the price of Cisco 3550 and 3750 switch in Ebay, I don't think I can afford one in the near future and instead I might just get another c2950 EI instead. However, my company has already purchased a Cisco 4506 L3 switch (with EIGRP, OSPF, ISIS etc capability) and will use it as the core switch. All switches in my company are 3Com, no Cisco switch at all.

So the question is will the experience of implementing Cisco 4506 L3 switch in a live environment can be a substitute of getting a c3550/3750 or I still need to get a L3 switch myself? I have no whatsoever experience in implementing Cisco L3 switch, only 3Com Corebuilder L3 switch which will be retired by the Cisco switch. I have no idea to what extent I will be tested in BCMSN on L3 switching.

An one more thing. Unlike Cisco 2950 switch, can a 3550/3750 upgraded to full L3 capability by just flashing the appropriate IOS with full L3 capability?

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Guan Foo Wah

If you work as a CCNP or even a experienced CCNA you will see L3 switches. The trouble is that you only configure the stuff once in a while when joe shmoe from engineering wants his own VLAN for a dev product. Complicate that further by adding redundant supervisor mods and you'll be getting quite accustomed to ALT'ing every config command.


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Oh .. you want to know about the _real_ world.

Yeah, I agree with you... L3 is the way to go. Gets rid of all those nasty STP issues in the core rather than fudding around it. Gives better QoS for converged networks. L2 switches are dying, especially once ipv6 takes over the world circa 2008.

As far as the MCMSN exam is concerned, don't spend $3k on a L3 switch. As far as useful real-world experience is concerned, get two.


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Yup, the "real world" answer it pretty good.

However, as we move forward more, your gonna find MPLS taking off. To my thinking L3 will be more left to providers. True there may be some space left for L3 within a building, but then again, this too may become moot now with the exception of inter VLAN traffic.

So, a good thorough understanding of L2 becomes essential.

At any rate, 3550's require the EMI feature set to light up L3.

3750's .. I'm a huge fan of these... awesome ! To have these in a personnel lab, NIRVANA

I'd go with the "its your money" line mentioned earlier.

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