Question on Cisco 3000 series routers

I am studying for my CCNA. Have a rack with 2501, 2505, & 2507. I also have two 3102 and a 3104. Yes, these 3000 series routers are relics, but they have IOS 11.x. I haven't turned them on in maybe 6 - 8 months. Fired them up last night and get absolutely nothing. Pulled the flash ram and cleaned the contacts, still nothing.

Any suggestions as to the next steps in troubleshooting?

Just in case I had a bad console cable, I swapped the cable to a 2501 and got data into hyperterminal. Tested all 3 routers, all had no data.

In my training, there are references to IOS prior to currnet version. It would be nice to be able to get these relics going.

Many thanks Ron Snipes Information Systems Installation Services Greenville, NC

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Not the most useful guide, but it will tell you what the lights mean.

If "absolutely nothing" really means "absolutely nothing", you might be stuffed. Any fans? Any noise at all?

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Got them fixed. It was a defective D-25 to RJ45 adapter. Swapped it out and then saw data on the screen. All three are just humming away now. I'll save that link. Info on the 3000 series is kinda thin.

Many thanks ron

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