To anyone who passed BSCI recently


I just took and passed my BSCI test this past Thursday and I would say that emphasis was definitely put on OSPF, EIGRP and BGP. I did have about 3-4 IS-IS questions though and I believe I only had 2 simulation questions. Luckily you can prompt when entering commands in case your forget syntax.

The key is to read and re-read the questi> Hi all,

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Hi all,

I have finished going thru the BSCI syllabus and I am currently doing revision. I am about to take CCNP BSCI in about a month, I estimate. To anyone who attempted and passed BSCI, would like to get advise on which routing protocol BSCI put emphasis on (e.g. OSPF, BGP, PBR, NAT, redistribution.... etc etc)....

How many simulations I will expect?

In the simulation, what kind of help can I get. Say if "redistribute ospf 1 ?" or "distance ?". It is difficult for me to remember all the syntaxes when I can access full help at work.

Thanks in advance

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