Anyone going for CSIDS ?

Is anyone going to sit for CSIDS soon? I'm in the mid of preparing for the exam, i've bought the official book from ciscopress, together I have the official student guide too. In work, i have a unit of 4215, which make my study easier. I do have other braindump resources with me and will start reviewing them. Anyone who is going to sit for this paper ? Please do contact me as we could study together, it's kinda boring to study it alone. :)

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Hi, I am about to review it also. Do you have a jabber account?

Here is my ROT13 Jabber account snipped-for-privacy@wnoore.oryarg.or

Gain-Encryption:2f:cf:d9:6f:1b:39:0c:5e:af:b7:4d:20:18:02:b7:ce:3c:87:76:9d OTR: 27648636 2FC3BBC6 C466B7A2 8EF857F0 134496C7

More on Jabber -

formatting link

See you there!


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