Re: Is Nufone going out of business???

More for those considering Nufone... Message-ID: Date: Thu, 09 Sep 2004 02:48:44 -0400 From: Jeremy McNamara Subject: Fun day

Just so you know, quite a few of us in IRC have been having fun at your expense today. You played the game exactly how I knew you would.

Also, I sorta feel like I owe you a commission or spiff of some sort for all of the attention (and customers) you have brought my company. Seriously, we have had dozens of prospects point out all of your wonderful posts in all of the crazy places you found, yet many still decided to sign up.

Sure, there are a small number of people that sent me some private hatemail about my Attitude / Lack of Professionalism [sic], but overall your public postings have helped us.

Thanks again,



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Kyler Laird
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