1900 switch & 2500 router connection problem

Hello I've a question.......how you connect your router to a switch. I've 2 1900 series switch and 2 2500 router. After setting my vlan and vtp, I tries to use trunk command, the switch didn't recognized the command.

2nd Ques: Hw you connect a router to a switch (I'm talking physical Connection). Hope somebody answer my question. mir
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The command to set trunk on 1900 switch is different from 2500 switch. CMIIW, in 1900, u can use "trunk on" command to activate trunk on particular port.

On router, you have to set the proper encapsulation (dot1q or isl) using commands :

- encapsulation isl OR

- encapsulation dot1q

FYI, I just prepare for my CCNA exam, so this is very text book :p

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I Think to be able to set a trunk on a 2500 series router this is only supported from a certain IOS, and I know older 2500 may not have enough memory for the updated IOS although you may be able to add more.

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