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Can anyone help. i am having problems solving the problem of a drag and drop question. question has three routers connected to three switches and hosts. the hosts has like 8, 90 and 23 hosts You get a ip address eg. ripv2 as the addressing scheme. You are to drag the answers to the relevant routers. answers are like

192.168. 15.55/57 etc i need to know how to solve the problem.

Next is the simlet of the stp. Any advice is appreciated

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Are the classic subnetting question.. how many host... I'll give you the same advice as my boss gave me workin it out....

except I will give you a helping hand. Check ou this site.

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it's a vlsm problem, what you do is figure out the subnet and number of hosts for each of the answers they give you then figure out which ones cross each other. filter out those, and apply the rest as specified per required number of hosts.

for example would be the subnet so 14 hosts from .81 to .94

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