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Hello All,

I have a network of 1 8000S, 8 8024gb and 1 windows server.

There are 2 blocks where switches connectected to each other and the switch at the end of the block is connected to the 8000S as you can see in the diagram.

A--B---C ( a connected to B B connected to C and C connected to Main switch (8000S)) D--E--F--G(D connected to E E connected to F F connected to G G connected to Mainswitch)

And in the main switch I have a windows server with dhcp server.

I want to create 2 vlans in this network. 1 is the default vlan which I use now, for the workers of the company. And the other one I want to create for the visitors.

The question is: Do I create Vlan2 in all of the switches? Do I use trunk ports to connect the switches to each other and the main switch? How do I get DHCP server to serve DHCP addresses to only one VLAN?


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Ozgur Ozdemircili
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Be aware that VLANs you create will be completely separated on L2 - they will be separate broadcast domains and traffic from VLAN1 will not be able to get to VLAN2 or vice versa. If you want to have IP passing between the two broadcast domains, you will need a router.

It would only be necessary to create VLAN2 where you would have your "visitors" plugged in and in all the switches on the path from the "visitors" switches to the router. For the ease of administration and documentation, you typically would create the VLAN on every switch and assign ports according to the actual needs.

You surely can use trunking to increase link bandwidth or fault tolerance. However, trunking does not have anything to do with VLANs (except both topics being related to Ethernet).

That happens all by itself since the VLANs are separated broadcast domains and DHCP broadcasts will be restrained within one broadcast domain by design.

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Denis Jedig

I think the OP means trunk as in access, hybrid or trunk. And yes, the inter-switch links would need to be configured as trunks in order to carry traffic from multiple VLANs.


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