Used telecom equipment?!

Hello from the Eighth Doctor This is probably the wrong group to post it in but here goes: I need to find the modules that were supplied by Bell Telephone with their slow speed Modems, just before 2400 Baud ones were announced. They were found with

300 Baud and 1200 Baud half duplex, also with 1800 Baud, sorry can't recall what they were. Problem is, I can't remember their names, only what they were typically partnered with.

I need to buy four of them to replace ones that are still being used by a customer who refuses to upgrade to faster links, either DSL or dialup, or something else.

The sales facility should have offices in either NYC, or NJ or CT. Or have sales people in this area, if the sales facility isn't in the aforementioned locations.

If this is indeed the wrong group, I'll be glad to post it in the proper one. Whichever one that is.

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The Eighth Doctor
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You should try It seems to be better suited for what you need. We keep its WEB interface here:

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