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I've run into a situation where someone ran 200' of CAT5 through a buried 2" PVC from their main building to a 2nd building. Currently they are using the CAT5 wire to tie together the networks and extend some of their CO lines from the DEMARC in the main building to the out building.

They said their "phone" guy said the fuses he put in would protect them from lightning. I say no way. They also mentioned there are issues at times after a lot of rain.

Anyway they will now pull fiber through it. There are 4 POTS lines running through this conduit. What I'm looking for are some 4 line POTS to TCP/IP adapters that we can use at each end till we toss the current phone system.

Apparently I don't know the right key words to use with Google.

TIA David Ross

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DLR wrote in part:

Phone protectors are better than nothing. The bigger worry is they're rarely any sort of Category and spoil the signal.

Fiber is the way to go. LRE "Long Range Ethernet" will probably fit your temporary needs, even though the reach isn't that long, the wire is substandard.

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should have something.

If money is a real issue, a _very_ temporary fix would be sacrificial

10baseT hubs at both ends. Or 100baseT4 if you can find it.

-- Robert

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Robert Redelmeier

Can't help with the rain, but if stuck with running copper, I'd definately put in a $20 switch on each end. Might as well buy a couple more for when those will blow.

VOIP FXO/FXS voice gateway.

Something like

? (I haven't used them, just know this company has some fairly cheap gateways for this sort of thing). The ports are programable FXO or FXS depending on your needs.

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Doug McIntyre

I wasn't clear. Fiber will be pulled in a week or so. They shut down at night so finding time isn't an issue. I can do the Ethernet over Fiber bit no issue.

I'll look at this. My main question was for a box to convert 4 POTS CO lines to TCP/IP and back again. I'd use this to get the POTS CO service from one end to the other.

As to the low end switches as fuses. I've seen them blow but not before allowing the transient to blow out attached and attached to attached equipment.


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Don't know if this applies to you, but FCC requires that wiring of CO lines into a KSU be separated from wiring of station apparatus into a KSU. Therefore you must use separate cables for wiring stations and CO lines.

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Original poster explicitly states that these are lines direct to CO, not to PBX or key system. This therefore does not not apply.

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Interesting anyway. What does "separate" mean? Just don't mix them in the same cable off the spool or out of the box?

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I have no idea, it was in the installation manual for a Comdial phone system. No citation to a specific FCC rule was listed.

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