Instrument for testing Cat6


I want to purchase a used instrument for testing the quality of Cat5e and Cat6 cabling along with distance measurement to any shorts or open circuits.

Which model should I look for, what gives me most functionality and quality for the bucks. I'm thinking of around USD 500-1000 on eBay

Thanks for comments and hints


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Chris Webster
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You can get a wire mapper pretty affordable, but, you won't find an affordable certifier/full suite cable tester. Used can probably find one for about $2500.00

Joe Perkowski

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Here's a pretty impressive little tester that we use to verify patch cables for re-use. It's no $5k Fluke, but it has a remarkable feature set. It might do what you want -- for about $500 from

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Uncle Ken

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Thanks Joe,

Which brands / models are worth considering inthese two categories?


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