Cable Managers - 1U vs 2U

Can anyone offer any advice on when to use 2U high Cable Managers vs

1U ?

I'm thinking along the following

1U Height Cable Manager 2U 48 Port Data Patch Panel 2 U Cable Manager 1U 48 Port Switch 2 U Cable Manager 2U 48 Port Voice Patch Panel 1U or 2U Cable Manager (vendor will be using regular 2 conductor RJ11 cables ) 2U IP Office (telephone system) 1U Cable Manager 2U IP Office 1U Cable Manager 2U IP Office 1U Cable Manager

I can get away with the 1U on the Cable Manager between the voice patch panel because the cable is much smaller ? Yay or Nay ? Should I just stick with the 2U on that

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Chris Keath
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[Appologies for this not being a 'standard' reply; as the original message was flagged wiht X-No-Archive, its not possible to locate it with Google Groups and give a proper response]

My gut feeling would be to use 2-unit cable management stuff for the majority of the needs. It is far better to have excess capacity than not enough capacity, IMHO, and it's nice to get the space now, because if you decid you need it in the future after everything is wired...

Also, I'm not sure that I'd say that flat satin voice cable -- especially in bundles of 48 is 'much' smaller than UTP. It depends on what flat satin and what UTP your using, but maybe a little over 1/2 the space requirement.

My $.02: If you have the rackspace to spare, use the 2U cable management panels; if you d>

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Lincoln J. King-Cliby

I would second Linclon's approach. I try not to use 1U managers a much as possible. At worst, I'll put a 1U at the top and bottom of a stack of a 2U-48 port panels, with 2U inbetween each panel.

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