Anyone ever gotten a job/sub from this board?

I just joined here recently, because I enjoy shooting the you know

what with fellow RCDD, but I also wonder if anyone here ever gets

work from here? If only it were that easy to get contacts lol.

Well, in any event, if anyone needs any infrastructure design or

installation around the East coast, let me know!

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No, but it's been great fun to hang around here ;-) It is very difficult to find local business in a Usenet group. People that read/post here are from all around the globe, which limits your chances of finding someone from a particular coast of a particular country.

Besides, comp.dcom.cabling is an extremely specialized group, compared to others you can come across on the Usenet. We generate about 1/100 th of activity of, say, comp.dcom.voice-over-ip group.

Anyways, you are welcome here!

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Well, does comp.dcom.voice-over-ip have a lot of activity because of worthwhile discussion or are the spamming advertisers causing most of the activity? (I don't frequent that NG.)

As if...

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