SB4100 firmware (comcast)

I've been having some whacky problems lately with our connection in dfw.

We've had to power cycle the SB4100 to get service back at least once a day.

I noticed in the "log" that they had been loading SB4100- firmware into the modem lately but today they have reverted to the SB4100- version (again after a strange outage and a power cycle of the modem service is restored).

Looks like some bad firmware got out.


Mark Hittinger

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Mark Hittinger
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What makes you think comcast did anything on their end that caused this problem?

Actually they did but what they did is causing far different problems than what you report.

There was one of those modem upgrades that evidently was flawwed. If your

4100 is a Comcast owned modem they will replace it for you if you ask them to. If you do a hard boot of the modem it should reload the older version config. they were running before that problem as listed below by Mark.

Read the customer service agreement including the AUP / TOS It gives Comcast the right to upgrade your firmware. not just for your modem but for any router you may use on the system.

You may need to replace your owned 4100 with a newer model to get the full benifits (speed) available? Comcast is replacing leased modems on request for those who are still using the 4100's

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Dr Feelgood

The cable companies push the firmware / config / image to the cable modems. ALL cable companies are like that, and has nothing to do if you own or rent the cable modem.

If you pay for the upgraded Gold service, 8 mbps down / 786 kpbs up, they send down a new firmware / config / image file that tells your modem how to do that.

Google "uncapping" cable modem for more on how the cable modem is controlled by the cable company.

To reset / clean everything up - try turning off the router and cable modem. Wait one minute. Turn on the cable modem, wait 1 min, then turn on the router.

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Mike - wrong on the router.

Only the Workplace product has a Comcast provided and supported router. Which, in the case of Workplace, they may upgrade firmware from time to time. The 'router' is contained inside of the SMC box that is used (modem/router)

But Comcast will absolutely -not- muck around with a customer owned router.

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Richard Ness

That drew my attention also. I can understand the cable provider wanting to manage the cable modem for upgrades and configuration changes. They might be interested in what I have attached to the modem, but I hope that they cannot get through my hardware firewall. Beyond that. I have turned off WAN admin on my router and changed the admin password. There may still be back doors and other security weaknesses that I don't know about, but I have done what I can to lock it down. If Comcast could reach in to my systems, then so could the the hacker down the street.

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Robert L. Haar

That is good to know. I was just reporting what is says in the CSA. I can't think of any reason they would want or need to mess with a router config so maybe it's just legal mumbo jumbo their lawyers thought up when they started adding their version of home networking..

BTW Comcast does provide either a router or a combination modem router with their home networking package. I'm not sure witch but I think they replace rental modems with the combo unit when a customer signs up for the home networking package.

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Dr Feelgood

In Baltimore, we're presently using an SB4100 (SB4100- to a BEFSR41.

No problems here.

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Scott in Baltimore

Router, too? That would be a neat trick.

I'm assuming that holds true for the 3100, too.

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Bill G

I don't think it's possible, actually. That's why I mentioned it. ;-)

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Bill G

On 08/20/05 12:40 pm Scott in Baltimore tossed the following ingredients into the ever-growing pot of cybersoup:

The firmware in the SB4100 that I own and brought with me from NY (where I had 10mbps service with Optimum Online) to W. Michigan (where I have

3mbps service with Charter Pipeline) is


Is this older (and inferior?) firmware compared to yours, or does each cable company use its own version of the firmware?

is it worth asking Charter if there is later firmware they can "push" to my SB4100?

Is it worth getting a more recent cable modem -- e.g., SB5100 or SB5120, or Linksys, or . . . ?


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