RoadRunner in AUSTRALIA!!!

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Does RoadRunner serve Australia? My web logs show a connection to RoadRunner that StatCounter says comes from Australia. Statcounter says that a connection from address is in Australia, and that it is on RoadRunner's network. It says Kingaroy, in Queensland. Kingaroy is a rural part of Queensland.

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According to DomainTools

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while that address does show to be located in Kingaroy, the host resolves to, which would appear to be RR's Tampa/St. Petersburg Fla. division. I don't know if that helps, or adds to the confusion. :-)

Ken Whiton

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Ken Whiton

According to wikipedia, no. RR was once offered in a part of Canada but is only offered in the USA now.

The RR website only lists US availability.

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That IP address is RoadRunner, but in Tampa Bay, Florida.

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