congestion in RoadRunner network?

I'm in RoadRunner's S. Cal. area, in the domain, and I find that tracerts to major servers (e.g.,,, even to show a lot of timeouts randomly scattered along the route to the servers. Following the route hop by hop and doing "ping -t" to each node, I find that pings to the first upstream node (having IP address 10.x.y.z) don't have any timeouts. But pings to the nodes beyond that, the first few of which have IP addresses 76.x.y.z in the domain, start showing timeouts averaging about one every 6 to 8 pings. Does that mean that the dropped packets reflect congestion or a flaky router in the domain?

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Timothy Daniels
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EVERYTHING was congested yesterday. Even Apple's iTunes store was saying "Sorry, we're busy, go away for a while".

I guess all those new iPods and iTunes gift cards were being used. And who knows, maybe a few Zunes also. :)

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