Inexpensive Home Automation in Australia

Looking around the 'net, it seems that it is ridiculously expensive and
difficult to do home-automation in Australia. As we use 240v/50Hz rather
than 110v/60Hz, we can't the US stuff .. which is a pity as it is *much*
That said, does anyone know anything about HA that can help me out
sourcing equipment at good prices.
Here's what I want:
Lighting controllers for four groups of dichroic 'halogens'
hidden in the ceiling or behind the switch plate is good .. my
house is being built at the moment, but I wonder if the halogen
groups will be like our office: power outlets in the ceilings
into which the transformers are plugged .. if so, I guess an
appliance controller might work
Lighting controllers for six incandescent lights
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Rick Measham
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Clipsal C-Bus originated in Australia and is also available in Europe. It does what you want. It requires CAT5. Inexpensive, it's not.
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Rick Measham wrote:
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Dave Houston
Hi Rick
Although not as cheap as x10 ....I would suggest using CBUS as Dave has mentioned in his post.....If your friendly with your sparks he should get you the CBUS kit at trade prices.........Have a quick look at my site for the CBUS info....I have my pirs connected to my alarm system "Genesis"an Oz panel and i pass pir status to CBUS + Homevision (my ha controller) via relays..... For pc based HA control have a look at xPL....I believe theres a Linux version and also a CBUS Plugin so you can control cbus via other apps etc....
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HTH Frank
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