InsightBB and splitters

Well 3 weeks to go before I move from Etown KY and Comcast and Lexington KY and Insightbb. I already have an install date for my Insightbb where they had a special on a cable modem purchase for only $20! I signed up for that as I didn't want to pay the $15 cable modem rental fee....

Anyway I will 2 Pc's each which have a pci tv cable tuner card(hauppage)...

My current hookup has wall outlet to splitter where Cable A goes to the settop box(dvr) and then exits and goes to the PC Cable Tuner Card..... Cable B goes direct to the RCA cable modem......

Obviously I do not have the 2nd PC setup for TV in this config... My Insightbb service in Lexington will consist of this 2nd Pc with TV and its own settop box(dvr) in the bedroom...

Once I get to Lexington, since I will be living in an apt, Insightbb says they will have to use 2 splitters.....they will not run 2 separate lines internally ?

So my question is this? How will this affect either the cable TV or cable modem service that is on the 2nd splitter as far as speed?

How will they split all of this off ? DO they have 1 to 4 splitters?

I will be doing a self-install so I will cloning the MAC address of the PC1 nic.......with my wireless AP/Router/Switch


shockie B)

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