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I have been lurking here for awhile, waiting to see Zwave pro and con, experiences

Thoughts from those use the the products

I became tired of the X10 stuff I had -- took it all down

Now with HomeSeer support of Zwave -- I though I might try the computer and handheld automation path again

any comments


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Steven Toney
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I wouldn't go back with X10 or any other PLC. One of the most popular items I sell is X10 filters. I do sell both but use only Zwave in my house. More products are coming to the market all the time.

DownSide Lack of products Recent Price Increasea

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How does it work for you?

I understand the cost and lack of modules etc.

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Steven Toney

The biggest problem I had with X10 was reliability issues. Sometimes it would work other times not. After looking at different solutions including purchasing higher quaility X10 I went with Zwave.

I like the fact there is virtually no delay when pressing all lights off. All 15 modules turn off.

In term of Reliability I had to replace one switch in just shy of a year. This was a known defect that has since been fixed. This was covered by a 2 year warranty.

I really like that ELK is going to support it in the M1. I'm going to move everything over to the M1 and let Homeseer do mostly neat/show off tasks.

Cost is still cheaper then some others. Almost half of UPB

But I will stick with Zwave as they keep releasing products slowly.

Hopefully some others will chime in on Zwave, someone that isn't a vendor.

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