z-wave or insteon cheaper...?

Currently I have x10 setup that I want to replace because the x10 system is not reliable, and is slow-responding. The two problem together, sometimes require that I hold down the on or off button for 1 full second before the light responds.

I want a hand-held remote to control two incandescent lamps: a in-wall switch/dimmer, and a plug-in switch/dimmer. I can't decide whether to go with z-wave or insteon, so I would like to go by cost.

For z-wave, I believe I need to buy a handy remote, an in-wall dimmer/switch, a plug-in dimmer/switch. Each one sells for $45 so total cost is $135.

For insteon, it seems like in addition to the 3 obvious devices, I also need an access point to bridge the RF from hand held remote to powerline. Is this correct? If true, then the cost may be higher than z-wave. If not true, then it is slightly cheaper. Help?

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