At the recent consumer electronics show in Las Vegas CNET awarded zen-sys the top prize for their z-wave RF controller. But I see no mention of this in the news group.

Does anyone have experience with it? How does it compare to x10 like systems. Sounds to me zwave is superior and the way of the future.

thanks, Ken

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Give this a quick read comparing z-wave to Insteon.

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I have no experience with Z-Wave but there has been a lot of talk about Z-Wave. I susggest you use Google advanced news group search.

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Neil Cherry

While evaluating this "report" one ought to bear in mind that it was written by Insteon as a marketing tool for Insteon. I noticed that one major emphasis of the article is that "Z-Wave" is a complex, sophisticated system whereas Insteon is simple. This is held forth as an indication of the superiority of Insteon.

The other major track in the article is that Z-Wave uses routing while Insteon uses simulcasting, again with the idea being that this makes Insteon superior. I'd have been shocked if they said otherwise on either count, though I remain unconvinced that their product is superior.

An awful lot of industry giants seem to have decided that Z-Wave is the better choice. That backing, while only indicative but not dispositive of the question of superiority, at least puts Z-Wave in a better position for long-term support.

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Robert L Bass

If you have any specific questions I can answer them. I have around 30 modules installed now.

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