Wiring a LED lights into the house mains

I wanted to know if it is possible to wire any consumer LED strip kit into
the mains for a room in the house.
For example:
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5 Meter RGB Color Changing 3528 Flexible LED Strip Kit 60 LEDs/m with IR Re
mote 24 Key Controller AC Power Supply Adapter UK Plug
The electrical details are as follows:
Working Input Voltage: 12VDC
Working Current/meter: 0.4A
Output power: ~24W /5 Meter
Drive Mode:Constant Voltage(DC 12V voltage)
I am not an electrician, but I would like to know if it is possible to have
these LED strips wired by an electrician into the existing wiring for a ro
om, so that they can be controlled by the light switch. I do not mind losin
g the colour changing and remote control functionality.
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Yes, you can do this using a suitable transformer that takes 220Vac as input and outputs 12Vdc. You can use an existing light switch on the mains side, or you can have the transformer permanently powered and use a smart home device to control lighting.
I've used a Z-Wave solution in my home:
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