Voip house wiring is picking up AM radio

I've just disconnected by house telephone wiring from the street at the demark box and have plugged by SunRocket "Gizmo" into my house wiring. Everything works fine, except I'm getting a gospel station. From a little research I've done on the net, I'm guessing that unplugging my house wiring at the demarc has disconnected a ground that kept this from happening before.

Does that sound right? Anyone have an idea how to fix?

Thanks in advance.

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Why not just tell callers that your phone has permanent music-on-hold? ;-)

I take it you are very near some gospel radio station?

The problem is likely caused by your ATA. If the unit doesn't have proper RF filtering and you attach a lot of wire to it (like attaching it to your house wiring instead of a short 3-ft patch cord), you could see problems.

Google for RF interference. It is not uncommon for some audio electronics to cheap out in the RF filtering department and leave out any RF filters on the inputs and outputs.

As a start I'd go to some electronics store and buy bag of ferrite beads and slip one over each individual wire going into and out of the ATA and see if that helps. If not, I'd look for a better ATA.


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Wolfgang S. Rupprecht

Be sure you have disconnected ALL wires, taped them off, AND put a note on them saying "Leave these wires un-connected - lines are driven from elsewhere"

It's a miracle!

That is very likely! OR you have a ground loop - one of the old wires is still connected.

Connect just one (1) phone directly to the Gizmo - does the problem still exist?

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Rick Merrill

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