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There has been a lot of news about using LEDs to replace the traditional bulbs. I see that they use a lot less power, are very economical and also give a very good aesthetic look. I was wondering if anyone has installed LEDs in their house already. If yes can you give me some suggestions and links to web-sites where I can get more information?

Thank you very much in advance.

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They are very expensive and the light output is weak compared to old technology, fluorescent. But in areas where weak output is ok and bulbs are hard to replace they are a good fit.


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I'm using them outside, to replace MR16 20W lamps, one problem is that electronic transformers need to see a load, this can be sorted with a 6.8 ohm 25W resistor as a '21W dummy load' (Based on 12V units). A 60W transformer modified in this way can power lots of LED bulbs.

x10 If you use Osram Halotronic transformers you can also dim the LED lights with an LD11 (the standard plug in dimmers work as well). The only disadvantage is that you dont seem to get the same contract through the dim levels compared to filament lamps. Seems to be mure 10-30% variation than


NOTE - NOT ALL ELECTRONIC TRANSFORMERS WILL WORK WITH X10 DIMMING! the Osram Halotronic are Leading and Trailing edge compatable.

Hope this helps Ron

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