Suddenly Dead MC460?

This unit is perhaps a little over 2 years of age. It has worked just fine for that entire period. However, today it seems to have stopped working all together. When I press any on/off rocker button, I see the little red light blink. But nothing happens on any X-10 device in the house. I have moved it to several other outlets to test with the same results. Other units of the same or similar model work fine. Is this thing trash or is there some common issue that I might be able to fix? Thanks.

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David White
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Other than exercising both the house code selector dial and the device number slider switch to ensure those are both making good contact in their correct settings, I can't think of anything else worth trying. You can get an MC10A replacement for $11 including shipping on Ebay.

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Anthony R. Gold

Thanks Tony. Did what you suggested to test. No changes. So I plan to do your other suggestion (EBay) today.

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