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>> I started out using the ActiveHome software, and was disappointed with it. >> So I started writing my own software a year and a half ago. I call it Home >> Domination. It is a far more capable software than ActiveHome and allows >> you to use multiple house codes. You can create an unlimited number of >> macros without using any additional house codes. The software can monitor >> email for commands, and there's a network client that lets you control it >> from anywhere in the world with Internet access, and there are security >> features to prevent unauthorized access. It supports video, allowing an >> unlimited number of video sources. And you can use macros to snap pictures >> from the various video sources and store them to your hard drive. And >> that's just the beginning. I've got a lot of other things planned for the >> future including many features for home entertainment. > > Do you have Linux support?

Home Domination is a Wondows only package. If you're interested in Linux (or any Unix) have a look at my pages (1st link in sig). I'd recommend Mr. House if you don't mind learning Perl and don't mind the steep learning curve.

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Alex, I have the answer for you, but first may I offer a little education.

You could buy a video capture card and there are many different brands to choose from these days. All of these video capture cards pretty much do the same thing, they process video frame by frame. Each video frame is basically a individual picture that consists of lines of data. The lines of data consist of pixels. Each pixel has its own unique digital signature know as RGB or Red, Green, Blue. So, whenever one frame is compared to the next the capture card is looking for a difference between the RGB of pixels. When this change is detected it is considered to be motion. Atleast that is what we all call it. But it really isn't motion it is a change in the video stream that is detected.

No matter how sophisticated your camera, capture card, or software is: Motion cannot be detected unless it happens to move in front of the field of view of your camera. This is the main reason why more and more people struggle with this technology. Why? Becaues in order to adequately cover any area it would require several cameras, power supplies, wire drops, and possibly multiple capture cards. all of this starts to add up pretty quickly even if you choose to use cheap low-buck equipment. And most people don't have the time to do their own pro-install because none of the video security manufacturers have figured out how to make a simple solution. Or perhaps they know that the money is in selling volume not an easy solution. Im starting to ramble, but almost to my point.

Suppose, you could buy a camera that was developed in such a way that it could detect motion in any direction. Even outside the field of view of its own lens. Suppose this product would detect motion in 360 degrees and position the camera exactly where the motion was detected and then track the motion as it moved automatically. Well, I know of such a product that can do all of that and a whole lot more. I developed it myself and built a company around its core technology. goto:

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and check it out. If you like what you see, give me a call I will hook you up with one for less than you paid for your camcorder and what you expect to pay for a capture card. But with my product you will be able to see anything, anywhere, anytime with only one camera and one install.

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