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Then newspapers and journals are full of information about President Bush's warrantless wiretapping and eavesdropping. What many people do not realize that type of eavesdropping occurring for national security purposes is vastly different the real world of eavesdropping and wiretapping utilized for industrial espionage, law enforcement and your local private investigator that has crossed the line into illegal eavesdropping.

Now, the realistic world of eavesdropping has been thoroughly exposed in the new two-hour video called "The Red Balloon", which was released a few months ago. Already recognized as the best Issue Awareness warrantless Video in 2005 at the international Aurora Awards and given a 5 Star rating by The American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS), The Red Balloon, presents the government and industry statistics about industrial espionage and eavesdropping, and how big this problem really is. It also explores the different types and techniques utilized with illegal wiretaps and eavesdropping equipment and the novel techniques by both professional and amateur eavesdroppers.

If you are in the security industry then you simply must see the powerful informational video presented by one of the world's most recognized experts in the field. To learn more you can go to

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Yes. And the riddle is: why are the American people putting up with the way Bush is corroding democracy and liberty in the US and ruining the reputation of the USA in the world?

For example, here in Germany before Bush the US had a very high reputation. After 9/11, all people I know were committed to support the people of the US wherever we can.

Since "Homeland Security", the manipulations with elections, the witch hunt in airports, and finally this disastrous war of aggression in Iraq I don't know many people who are appreciative of this acting.

For us Germans, the people of the US were the example for how we should be. Why aren't our friends standing up now and firing Bush and his strange group with huge demonstrations and enforcing new elections?

I'm not American, so I really don't understand.

Yours, VB.

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Volker Birk

Are you quoting news reports or facts when you make the statement "Bush is corroding democracy and liberty in the US"? I live in the US and my liberty has not been "corroded" one whit and I know of no one else who has had their liberty or democracy "corroded. In fact the only difference that I see is the amount of rhetoric and false claims of "lost liberty" has increased dramatically.

And just what reputation was that? We do not run our country based on the acceptance of foreign nations...never have....never will.

And thank you for your support.

Manipulations with elections? Following our laws is manipulation? Again I think you are reading too many press reports and not allowing the facts to speak.

Witch hunt? Have you ever flown on El Al? They make our security seems like playschool. Is their something wrong with securing your air travel after 13 people hijacked airplanes, destroyed the WTC,damaged the Pentagon and killed

3000+ people? It seems that we would be severely remiss if we did not.

Let's see One war (GW1) 18+ UN resolutions and Saddams refusal to disarm and disclose as he had promised is a war of aggression? Remember Saddam started all of this by Invading Kuwait.

Because Bush is doing what needs to be done. It may be unpopular, it may not be politically correct and it may not be in the best interest of foreign countries but someone had to do it.

If I may give you some advice, don't read what the press says. Ferret out the facts for yourself and make your own decisions. There is so much rhetoric and propaganda from both sides it is extremely hard to discern the truth. As for GW Bush, do yourself a favor, listen to what the man says, not what others say he said. Interpretations by reporters are known to be slanted one way or the other depending on your political outlook.

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And we greatly appreciated that.

A whole lot of us over here share your opinions. His approval rating is the lowest of any standing president since Nixon (Watergate scandal).

It doesn't really work that way over here. In your parliamentary system you would have a vote of "No Confidence" which would force new elections. Here the mechanism is impeachment, which if successful, would result in Vice President Cheney assuming office. In a lot of people's minds that would be even worse.

The main reason we haven't seen any move toward impeachment is because the Republican party holds the majority of both Houses of Congress as well as the Presidency. Impeachment hearings would originate in the House of Representatives, but you will never see a Republican president impeached by a Republican Congress.

I *am* American and I while I understand the mechanics involved, the motivations of his supporters leave me baffled. It seems to be a combination of short-sighted politics, brain-dead, faith-based ideology, and a dash of just plain stupidity.

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Rod Engelsman

Wow Volker we actually agree on something :) You should try being a neighbor to the States right now, it's really interesting to say the least.

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Ignorance is pretty easy.

So the extreme denuncation of Arabish people is just a big bad rumor?

You never read the PATRIOT Act, did you?

Just like the barbarians.


Besides the fact that US American election laws are anything but democracy, there have been a lot of clearly unlawful manipulations that made Bush become not-my-president twice.

BTW, isn't there a law about impeachment? Clinton just couldn't control his libido, but Bush lies have lead into a war.

Yes. People get blocked because they bought some government-critical books on Amazon, because they're looking Arabian, ... whereas real potential terrorists easily slip through all the pseudo-security fun.

So why did the US army had to smuggle in some Waffles of Mass Sirup to actually find some? Why is the army just securing the oil instead of the property of the people? And why did they have to shove up a big propaganda full of lies, including the BBC report about a nuclear program? I know, Clinton already started it off back in '95...

And I remember someone paying him...

Heil... wait, Bush is just comparable to Goering...

I'm calling you an idiot. Someone had to do it, but I guess my point is much more supported than your gibberish.

I remember him saying that the goal of his administration is damaging the country as much as possible. And that the future will be much better tomorrow. But this might just be a big misunderstatement. ;-D

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Sebastian Gottschalk

Sebastian Gottschalk wrote in news:

Sebastian, you are the embodiment of the word idiot. What is so depressing is that you vote.


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No, I'm just the king of all idiots. Now, kneel down before me, you idiotic subject! ;-D

I guess you're just jealous because your vote doesn't count.

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Sebastian Gottschalk

AARGH! I agree with you. Is that allowed? I also agree with Volker about how the US has lost much respect from foreign nations and the esteem it once held has been eroded.

...and arming him, giving him WMD's to gas Iranians and Kurds with.... Meddling in other countries affairs ... trying to topple govt's ... The US sowed many of the seeds that lead to 9/11.

Lets ignore the US kidnapping foreign citizens, and holding them indefinitely in detention without charge. Just another example of the USA commitment to freedom and democracy....

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Ignorance of rhetoric and propaganda? Maybe you, as a foreigner, can tell us how the Patriot Act affects us? May I suggest that you don't have a clue?

Arabish people? Let me tell you something. We do not judge people by how they look. The neighborhood that I live in has a mix of every race, color and creed you can imagine, we do not call them Arabs, Spics, wetbacks or wops.....we call them Americans and neighbors. Like I said in the previous post don't get your news from the news media......

I have read it several times. I have yet to see anything to be concerned about. It has affected me not one whit. It has affected my family not one whit, it has affected no one that I know.


We are a constitutional republic....always was and always will be.

Care to cite with proof? Just becuase the rule of law does not suit you it does not mean that it is unlawful or that it was manipulated.

Again I challenge you to CITE with proof the allegations that lead you to believe that Bush lied. I have asked this question many many time and as yet have had any proof presented that this is true.

hunt? Have you ever flown on El Al? They make our security seems like

Ever hear of Educate yourself:

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Real potential terrorists? Like those "Arabic" lookin fellers?

Sorry I missed that one......

The oil is the property of the people unlike during Saddam's reign.

You seem to be a might bit touched....

And I remember when a loaf of bread was ten cents......

Whatever your uneducated mind can dream I guess.

Your "point" whatever that may be is obviously tainted with so much rhetoric and propaganda that it is unintelligible. May I suggest taking a break from life, the rhetoric and propaganda dancing around in your head has obviously taken it's toll.

Take my advice, think for yourself instead of parroting what someone else has said.......

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Yeah, were such assholes.

Yeah well I guess that's what happens in a time of least we didn't gas them like the Germans did or chop off their heads like pol pot...

And brought to you free thanks to US taxpayer dollars....

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That's the point. The US government has been spreading hate among the middle east, and now they've got paid back. Instead of understanding that poverty and exploitation are the reasons, they're just trying to hunt down everyone with opposing opinion.

weather on Guantanamo Bay Naval Air Station:

Sorry, couldn't find anything about the weather in Abu Ghraib.

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Sebastian Gottschalk

Yes, I can. Shouldn't you be able to do the same?

You may.

Well, seems to be pretty different.

A lot of them won't even been given the chance to become your neighbor, and guess what the reason is?

man diplomacy

What about "voting men" and "the winner takes it all"? Your elections create a dictatorship of majority, not a proportionate voice for everyone.

Dude, even CNN stated that in any estimation (of many professional ones made) Gore would have won the election of '00 in Floraida and in total. What about those 860.000 votes that were provably lost by Diebold voting machines in '04? What about the 2^16 wraparound? I don't even dare to think about the details because of getting sick...

Remember the Waffles of Mass Sirup? What about the fake hunt for Usama ibn Ladin?

Every tried to eat oil? Or exchange it for some food?

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Sebastian Gottschalk

I noticed.

Makes me very uncomfortable knowing the rest of humanity has no choice about sharing the planet with you.


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Spreading hate among the middle east? Give me a break. There was more than enough hate in the middle east long before the US got involved. If they didn't hate us they would hate each other.

We are not trying to "hunt down everyone with opposing opinion". The US's most vocal critics are right here in the one is hunting them down because of their opinion. You seem to have a hard time discriminating between fact and rhetoric.

Here is a more appropriate weather link for that Abu Ghraib one you couldn't find:

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That is where a lot of the soldiers convicted of their crimes committed at Abu Ghraib are going to be living for quite a while:
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There is a are just so blinded by the rhetoric and propaganda you can't see it...

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I did tell you how it has affected hasn't. You just weren't listening...

The facts are that if they would have recounted the ballot state wide Bush would have won by 430 votes..... Even Wikipedia has the facts:

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Yeah.....some proof you have supplied.....your just parroting rhetoric.

Yeah betcha......

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Ok now Im starting to agree with you too? This is really freaking me out. :)

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I give you a break to RTFA.

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Sebastian Gottschalk

Volker, there isn't a process for "firing" a lame-duck President. Impeachment would have to be brought about by vote from the US Congress and that isn't going to happen given the decrepit 2 party system.

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In a democracy the people has to control what the state does. Who and how is controlling one, which has all information and the rest has none? See:

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Or are all reports about New Orleans wrong and this public authority just used their power to do a good job? Or are there other reasons for such a concentration of power?

I personally have to pass on visiting friends, doing business and taking part in conferences in the US because I don't want to be treated like a criminal - when I want to visit the US (for example, I was invited to Hawaii this turn of the year), then they want to take my fingerprints like with a thief or bandit they cought.

And what's with this electing machine thing? Sorry, I'm doing computer science. What I'm reading only from the manufacturers makes my hair stood on end. And, sorry, what's there in Guantanamo Bay, has nothing to do with legal acting of a constitutional state. Here in Germany, fortunately many people learned their lesson (from the US, BTW), and the German word "Konzentrationslager" should not be required any more, at least not in conjunction with a democracy.

Here in Germany we now have learned, that in every situation you have rights. If you're getting arrested, you have the right to be supported by a lawyer. You have the right to be informed about the accusations. And you cannot be arrested for a longer time without facing a court hearing and having the possibility to answer back the accusations.

The US government itself say, that they're refusing to give these basic rights to the prisoners there. I really cannot understand this.

Not to mention Abu Garaib. Are officers responsible for their men or not? Why are the officers not penalized and all fired, and why is Mr. Rumsfeld not resigning and the US citizens are accepting this?

So you can fly from Chicago to New York without being treated like a criminal? It's just like before? And you can visit Arabic states without getting into trouble?

You have blind trust into the authority? Why a democracy then after all, why not a monarchy or aristocrathy? ;-)

I think, the reason for a constitutional state and democracy is to control what's going on. The _people_ have to be in control above authorities, not vice versa.

BTW: we have big problems with such things here in Europe, too, and especially here in Germany. I'm so disappointed about the US, because I had the hope that they would be the example for democracy again, but unfortunately this did not happen.

So you're claiming all people are lying who had problems because they look Arabic or were target of lawful interception or even got arrested in spite of doing nothing for giving a good reason for such provisions?

The reputiaton of the USA was very high - as a matter of fact, many people in other countries saw them as an example for a great country.

Unfortunately, you're obviously right here. But this planet is bigger than 50 states, much bigger. And most of the people are not US citizens.

I personally think, many of the problems the US and other countries are facing are a direct result of this attitude BTW. Did you ever think about the fact, that most of the people in Arabic countries, in Iran and in many other places see Osama bin Laden as a hero and the US as evil?

We all know that this special bin Laden is a criminal and murderer, and that the US are not evil. Why do so many people think so in these countries, that so many of them have hate enough to even attack the US?

This discussion better would be on, because this is a security related topic - making your neighbours angry on this small planet directly results in having security problems you otherwise would not have.

No. I'm referencing the unspeakable election machine topic.

Sorry, not yet.

No. But there is something strange with enforcing me to be treated like a criminal when I want to visit friends in the US - what do I have to do with all this?

I understand that it's neccessary to search for weapons before letting people enter a public airplane. I understand that it's necessary to x-ray the passengers, for example. But I personally think, too, that this has to have borders.

I cannot see that this unleashed policy of wanting to control all people leads into more security at all. It just leads into controlling all harmless people. A very dangerous thing, because this is the opposite of the ideas of democracy and freedom.

Personally, I'm feeling most secure in a free society where no government tries to closely observe and control me.

If we're giving up our freedom, then the terrorists alread have won. We had such problems while cold war, and I fear that we're running in such problems again now.

You don't want to compare the US with Saddam, do you? You don't want to review US policy comparing to that what this criminal Saddam was calling his policy?

I'm critizising US government here, not a criminal and nefarious dictator. IBTD. From US government I'm expecting completely other things than from such a vermin.

A government of a constitutional state has to act following law. A government of a constitutional state has to fulfill international contracts, right?

This is what I'm expecting the US citizens to do: enforcing, that their government is acting following law, ond only following law, because the USA are not a dictatorship, and cannot and must not be compared with a state like Saddam's Iraq.

I really cannot see that. A government of a constitutional state has to act following law in any case, or we're all losing the base we're standing on. Beside, I cannot see that the policy of Bush has decreased the threats. The opposite is true.

This is exactly what I'm trying to do, while I'm modifying this: I'm trying to additionally read what the press says - but the press from all sides. Then I make my decision.

Yes. And what's truth? The truth of whom? ;-)

When I'm listening to what he says, then I'm getting feared from this man and the power he has. I really don't like people who are claiming to have a mandate from god. I don't like it with the Islamic extremists, and I don't like such comparisons with an elected leader of a constitutional state at all.

He has his mandate from you, the US citizens. And this is his only mandate he has. And when I'm listening to what he's saying in his speeches, I don't have the feeling that he's realizing that.

Isn't humility a Christian idea?

Yours, VB.

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