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I'm interested in a project useing some X10 i have around the house from a few years and linux and seeing how they work together. Can anybody reccomend a starting point?


X10 is olny the start, last i looked into this newer standarts were emergeing, i'm intrested in linux and home automation in general.

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Then I guess my web site is your first stop. :-) For some reason my Sourceforge site always shows up first on Google searches

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but the
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is a better one to go to in my opinion.

I'm just getting started with Insteon and I've written an interface to use it with Mr. House

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Mr. House has a pretty steep learning curve but is extremely powerful. There is other software but I don't know what level of expertise you have and in what direct you want to go in.

BTW, others are working on more Insteon code and I know of at least one person who is working on UPB code for Mr. House.

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Neil Cherry

If you have a CM11A computer interface, take a look at HEYU

It's free and pretty simple to install, and can do a lot. The current release is heyu-2.0beta.2

The next release will be coming out very shortly.

Regards, Charles Sullivan

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Charles Sullivan

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