internet'able home thermostat, etc., rec?

Looking for suggestions for a basic thermostat/internet interface. Basically we'd like to check the home temperature from afar and do the usuals.

For example, if we're out all day we'd normally let the temperature drop and then come back up for our return at six pm.

But if we wind up being away overnight, we'd like to reset the thermostat (remotely) to keep the heat to minimum until a few hours before our new ETA.

(and vice versa if we're coming home earlier than expected).

Any suggestions?


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danny burstein
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I'm currently doing just that so I can turn up the heat in our vacation home in NY before we leave CT.

I'm using a CAI Networks Webcontrol, which is a mini web server. I modified a Honeywell Heat/Cool thermostat, and with a solid state relay, driven from the Webcontrol, I can change the thermostat from the cold to warm position. I wrote a windows program to monitor the temps and turn on the heat and hot water. The program can be run from a memory stick. There is a manual interface to the server so you can do the above without the program with a few mouse clicks, but the temperature is in Celsius. The only problem is that some Internet providers block port 80 communications.

Here's the link:

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If you need any more info, let me know.


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John Simpson

Thanks. that's pretty close to what I'm looking for.

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