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Dear Group,

I am the owner of Automation Mania, LLC. If you ever need any Smarthome, X10, Elk, Leviton, Zwave or other home automation products, please visit

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We have a large selection of switches and other products at much lower prices than our competitors.



Christopher A. Inverso Automation Mania, LLC

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C. Davey Utter

The purpose of this newsgroup is to provide a place for those of us interested in home automation to exchange ideas and to help one another. It is NOT A FREE ADVERTISING media.

There are others who are dealers who do participate in the group regularly, but they generally provide assistance and knowledge in solving a specific problem or helping in an application and they also will add (in most cases) the fact that they are dealers. YOU HAVE NOT OFFERED ANY HELP, JUST ADS

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J Baber

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