Cable vs other choices

Cable vs other choices

We live in N. California We have had Comcast in our home for many years. But they constantly keep raising prices especially in this economy.

With Comcast we have

-cable TV ( approx. 75 channels) ,

-2 tel lines and

-high spd internet.

We do not have HBO, MTV etc A few good channels like Animal planet, Disney, are sufficient

They have raised their price from $140 to $180 per month.

When the economy is in shambles. Prices of oil, interest rates are coming down, Comcast has decided to raise prices. And now they want us to pay an additional $2 per month per TV for a DTA box raising the monthly charge even more! This is for transition to digital or HDTV.

We are considering alternatives ?

Can anyone suggest any ? Which products/ companies offer good value ?

What are the pros and cons of other options like Direct TV or dish TV ?

Please help.

Thanks, Kim

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Over-the-air TV offers excellent value for the cost. It sounds like you could buy an excellent antenna and have it installed for less than a month of cable bill.

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Gordon Burditt

When I go to friends houses with Dish or Cable, I am always amazed at the lack of things to see. However I do like some of the things on the history channels but not enough to pay the minimal amount to see them.

I am amazed at how many infomercials you get to pay for on the services.

WARNING - if you use Zap2It to get TV schedules, do not go out to the dish site to see what they offer as a schedule. They hijack your Zap2It cookies so that you can never (at least after about 6 messages from them) see listings for any other source. I am about to blow away any cookie that I can find that includes the term zap or dish in it and start over. That will blow away my settings but I will be able to see the TV listings again.

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