Speed caps and CO distances

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I just ordered the cheap DSL lite that Verizon started offering,
768/128.  In the past they had offered a 3.0 MBPS download service, and
I had been told by their website that if I got that I would likely be
limited to about 768/128 because of my distance from the CO.  My
question is, will my speed with the 768/128 service be further limited,
or is the capping done after the DSL signal is decoded?  If my line
would be able to handle 768/128 on a service capped at 3.0 MBPS
download (not sure about upload) will I likely get 768/128 or
substantially less with the cheap service?


Re: Speed caps and CO distances

If you were too far from the CO to get faster service, you would have been
capped at 768/128 (or 768/384) even though you were paying the same price as
people who were capped at 3.0.  There should be no download difference
between the two priced services at you distance from the CO.  BTW, when you
get connected to Verizon DSL you will have access to the 0.verizon.xxxx
hierarchy of newsgroups where you can peer-to-peer answers to your questions
from some very knowledgeable Verizon users.

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Re: Speed caps and CO distances

I don't find the 0.verizon.xxxx newsgroups of much help (not much
traffic, either). Besides, I'd rather see a group NOT sponsored by the
CO! Try the forum at broadbandreports:


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