access point that caps bandwidth?

Some of the various Linksys WRT54G routers and WAP54G access points modified firmware include some form of traffic management. Older versions used "wondershaper". Newer versions use something else:

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'm not familiar with these firmware mutations so I can't describe how they work. Methinks contol by MAC address is sufficient for per user control.

Also see:

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Applications & Gaming Modified to forward to any IP address Four-level QoS/Bandwidth Management - select on MAC, IP, port, or services - service packet inspection will track P2P, IM, etc. regardless of ports - unlimited number of managed MAC's, IP addresses, ports, and services - add/edit your own services and ports

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Jeff Liebermann
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Is there a access point that allows you to cap its bandwidth to each user? I want to setup a public access point but allow only a certain amount to bandwidth for each user. If there are no access point that has this capability, can someone suggest some alternatives.

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