Slowwwww connection speed during peak times!!!!

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I Am still experiencing extremely sad download speeds during peak times
even though I have cut down on my internet usage? I had a look in the
terms and it dose say if you download a lot during peak time that you
will reduce the download speed to a min of 250kbps- I would be fine
with that during peak times but the connection dies down to 19kbps and
then bounces my connection dead so I totally lose internet connection
this happens the other day 172 times as shown in the logs. I am totally
unsatisfied with the current level of service as this is worse that I
could get with a modem and very often consides with the times I work.

I have written several times with regards these issues and would hope
to get some reply as to how you can resolve this issue. I feel that if
you are unable to supply the service that was sold to me that you
should come up with an alternative as I feel that you are selling a
product that is not up to the demands of the modern p.c user.

Kind Regards

Re: Slowwwww connection speed during peak times!!!! wrote:
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Then your ISP isn't properly engineered to handle their load, find
another one.

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Who are you talking to?  I doubt anyone in this newsgroup sold you
this 'service', whatever it is...

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