settings to speed up file opening times.

Hi, what router or pc settings can i change to speed up the time it takes to
open a video file and start streaming. i have a 802.11g network running at
like 48Mbps. i am trying to open files from another pc on my lan. when i
hardwire them the files open and start to stream pretty quickly. however,
when i run them wirelessly it takes about 20-40 seconds to start streaming
the video. xvid codec for the video files streaming to my xbox with xbmc if
that matters.
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Im not trying to be funny, but you do realize that your hard wire connection is likely twice as fast as your current 48 Mbps wireless connection.
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And, since it's full duplex, and not subject to interference, and probably only involves one switch, is arguably 8X as fast or so. IMHO this doesn't answer the OP's question, as the 20-40 second times seem extreme even for slow networks.
I'd guess there's some protocol problem in his XBox that's taking forever to find and open the share, but I can't imagine why it would be different on the WiFi as opposed to the LAN. Maybe the additional latency of the WiFi is causing some weird timeouts?
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