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    Hello all!  I hope this is the right group for my question.

    I currently use Earthlink dial-up to access the net.  I have no problems
with it except it's not DSL.

    I just found out that SBC is offering DSL (SBC Yahoo) in my area
according to their web site when I punch in my phone number.  I have been
calling SBC for months asking them if they had DSL in my area.  Now they do.

    Last night I called the SBC Yahoo number and asked if they really do
have DSL in my area.  I was told they only have the $19.95 package
available.  The guy on the phone said the $30.00 package is not available to
me because I live too far away from their box or whatever.

    Anyway, I would like some opinions on SBC Yahoo.  Is it any good?  Is it
worth the time and money to move up from dial-up to SBC DSL?  Will I be able
to do some decent video chatting with the $19.95 package?  What about live

    Also, I currently have a second phone number line in my house just for
my dial-up.  Will I be able to keep the phone jack that I use but switch the
phone number over to the regular house phone number line so I can lower by
telephone bill?  I had a second phone line installed for my computer about
five years ago.  I would like to use that phone jack because it sits right
under my computer desk.

    Will I be able to use my regular web browser (Internet Explorer) after I
load the SBC Yahoo program?  Will I still be able to use Outlook Express for
my e-mail?  I would prefer to use Internet Explorer.

    Finally, their web site says the $19.95 is guaranteed for twelve months.
What happens after twelve months?  Will they jack the bill up to $30.00 or
something?  Also, what other charges will I have to pay with this DSL?  I've
seen something called FUSM or something like that.


Re: Newbie to SBC DSL

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I'm also too far from the CO (Central Office).  But you could be on
a RT (Remote Terminal).

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I beats dialup.

I don't do much video, so I can't really answer that.  But video news
clips from yahoo are fine.

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You can maybe get a POTS Splitter, install it in your NID, and
connect the DSL output of that to the wires for your second line.
You can probably ask SBC to do that if you get a technician install.
If you get the self-install kit, then you will have to do that wiring
yourself.  (The technician install will have an associated fee).

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The best advice is to not load the SBC Yahoo software.  You can do
a manual registration using the guidelines in

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After 12 months, it will go up to the regular price, maybe something
like 49.95 per month.  But, just before the 12 months are over,
you can call in and ask for another 12 month contract at their
contract rate available at that time.  It would be $26.95 right now,
and if anything prices are going down.

The FUSF was a $1.84 on last month's bill.

Re: Newbie to SBC DSL

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    I thought I would just call and ask SBC to switch the phone line number
over to the home number.  Then with the self install kit, don't you just
hook up some filter into the phone jack in the wall?  Then hook the DSL
cable into the filter slot, then hook the phone line into the filter phone
slot (I would not need to hook the phone line up)?

Re: Newbie to SBC DSL

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This sounds about right: DSL service is added to the existing line of
your choice, the phone number is unaffected. Filters are added to the
jacks to confine the DSL signals to the appropriate equipment.

DSL is much superior to dialup in terms of speed, for my part the
signal has been no less reliable than POTS. The dynamic IP service is
definitely a better deal than dual phone lines. The static IP service
is flexible (they don't seem to mind if you run a webserver, which
a lot of cable companies prohibit) but the support folks aren't very
well coordinated....the ISP group does not talk to the domain registration
group, which knows nothing of the DNS department. Once everybody's
on the same page it seems to work pretty well, but that takes a lot
of time on the phone, toll-free fortunately.

Oh, one little "gotcha", the static service requires a $250 "technician
visit". It has some value, at least you'll _know_ the wires are good.

In sum, I don't think you'll regret the change.

bob prohaska

Re: Newbie to SBC DSL

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Yes, you could do it that way.  I thought you were asking about
something more complex.

Re: Newbie to SBC DSL

Neil W Rickert wrote:
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This point deserves emphasis. The consensus on the broadbandreports
forum is that using the SBC software is asking for trouble. They
strongly recommend not letting that CD near your computer. The bottom
line here is that you want SBC to provide an Internet connection, and
use whatever Internet applications you want (IE, OE, whatever). And if
any software is needed at all (and depending on the modem they send you,
it may not be) it will already be on your computer if you use XP.

Re: Newbie to SBC DSL

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after I

    I just called earthlink and signed up for their DSL service.  Never had
any problems with their dial-up.  Hopefully I wont with their DSL.  The
reports about SBC Yahoo customer service scared me off.

Re: Newbie to SBC DSL

Von Fourche wrote:

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I realize that this response is a little dated, but thought I'd add my 2
cents anyway...

My SBC Yahoo DSL was turned on the middle of April and I've made two
calls to SBC Yahoo customer support. The first was concerning the
defective 5100b Speedstream DSL modem/router that was defective out of
the box, the second one was just today regarding resetting an account
password for a client and sync problems between the client's 5100b and a
Linksys BEFVP41 router.
  In both cases the SBC Yahoo rep was knowledgeable, professional, and
extremely helpful.

In the first case the 5100b was indeed defective, and the rep helped in
getting me a replacement in 3 working days.

In the second case, I'd been having problems with DNS/VPN/Internet
connection drops between the Linksys and the 5100b.  I explained to the
rep that it was not a 5100b and/or SBC Yahoo problem, but most likely my
router configuration settings.  The rep suggested putting the 5100b in
bridge mode and allowing the BEFVP41 to do the PPoE instead.  The guy
stayed on the line while I set up both devices, then once working he
stayed on and had me do a couple of tests to verify that all was well.
Worked like a charm...

I should note that I had also spoken with Linksys support previously...
talk about sad, sorry, worthless, they are it.  The first guy (in India)
didn't even realize that I could create FQDN VPN's, and suggested that I
stay with firmware that was 2 years old. The second guy (Philippines)
had no idea either.

I hope that the Earthlink DSL will work out for you -- just wanted to
let you know that there are indeed some good tech support folks out
there, and not all are script drones.

G. (20+ years WAN & global networking experience... just new to the
local client side small connections :-)

Re: Newbie to SBC DSL

[some snipping occurred here]
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Unfortunately a violation of the agent's "Scope of support".  If he had been
monitored he could be fired for helping a customer with a router.  Also
accessing the Advanced functions of the 5100b is prohibited.

Many of the first tier tech's would'nt know a bridge if they drove off

All that said, bridging the modem is the recommended method as seen at

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I've had trouble with DLink and Symantec support for router/firewall/vpn
support as well.
Dlink was 50-50, two good techs, two bad techs.
Symantec does not support vpn on their hardware.

From Symantec's email (yes, I'm still mad):
From Symantec (, 16 Jan 2003)):

"Examples of issues where Support by phone is not included:
You are attempting to enhance network performance of the appliance
You are attempting to configure IP addresses within the network
You are attempting to configure the VPN feature
You are attempting to use Dynamic DNS with the appliance

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Re: Newbie to SBC DSL


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try removing this patch from windows if you have it installed, look in the
windows directory , at the very top are a bunch of directories on will end in
anumber 893066   remove it. by using the uninstall app inside that folder and
reboot   see if it helps

Re: Newbie to SBC DSL wrote:
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Nah, setting the 5100b in bridge mode and allowing the BEFVP41 to do the
PPoE works great - I haven't had any problems since. I even have forced
the locations to change their IP's multiple times, and each time the
connections and VPN's pop right back in and the dynamic DNS's get
updated within a matter of seconds (also via the router and

Regarding the patch: I have the patch installed and it hasn't affected
me - I already have TcpWindowSize setup in my registry on the Win2k
machines (see: ) and have it set
for 255552. I tried between 255552 and 513290 and found that the 255552
setting with an MTU of 1492 seems to work the best for me.

Re: Newbie to SBC DSL

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after I

The current CDs (5.0 and 5.1) will not install software if you deselect the
software to be installed.

The registration process will attempt to install software at the point where
you select the default email service.  If you select 'use current' the
install will fail.  (about half the time if you select SBC/Yahoo it will
fail (g)).

With the release of the new modems (Efficient 4100 and 2wire*) the SST
software will not be 'de-selectable'.  (And wait till you see what the SST
software does to your cache).

*I forget the model number, but despite being a 2wire, it is not a router
and only connects one computer.

Re: Newbie to SBC DSL

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It should be a minimum of 192k (compare to your theoritical maximum  of 56k
for dial).

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Have the service to the second line turned off.  Change the wiring at the
demarc to put your main line to that jack

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Yes and yes.  Also Mozilla, Opera and other browsers will work.  As will
Eudora, Agent and other internet programs.  Note: SCCIS tech support will
only help you with IE and setting up Outlook and Outlook Express.

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Dunno, you'll want to ask billing about that (the sales dept may not know*
and tech support certainly doesn't).

*Or something like that

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