Linksys DSL Router with MAC OS X no DHCP Address

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Connecting the Macbook to the router by RJ 45 I am unable to get a
DHCP address, but I get an 169.x.x.x address. I have tried to manually
set the IP, subnet and router as well as dns but still no luck in
getting network access. The router is no filtering any address, it's
an open LAN.

I get a 169.x.x.x address instead when selelcting DHCP. When putting
in the manual ip, MAC OS is unable to get a connection as well. There
is a link light and I have swapped cables.  Why is it that all the
PC"s can get an IP address but the mac cannot??

Re: Linksys DSL Router with MAC OS X no DHCP Address
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The 169.x.x.x address is normal when an Ethernet port does not detect a
connection on the port.

A couple of things to look at...
1) try another port on the router.
2) Check out what speed the router port is set for, and does the computer
support it?
3) If possible try forcing the router port to half duplex rather than full
and lock the port speed to something your computer's Ethernet port supports.
4) Verify you are actually plugged into the Ethernet port of the computer.
Too many times I've found people trying to stick the Ethernet cable into a
modem or phone port.

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