Sims for Mac OS X

So here I am, studying for my CCNA and thinking, "You know what would be useful? an IOS/Network sim package!"

Can I find a Mac OS X one? Nope.

I mean Mac OS X is basically FreeBSD in a pretty dress(1), surly someone could just(2) port a Solaris sim without _too_ much trouble?(3)


1) I know there are fundamental differences between Mac OS X and FreeBSD. 2) I know porting is never 'just' doing anything. 3) Please understand the spirit of the post, not the letter.
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If somebody had the source-code, recompiling it for MacOS would be relatively easy. However, they'd then have to support it on another platform with

Write to the SIMs vendors and offer to be a beta tester. I wouldn't be waiting for this before going for your CCNA though.

Buy a couple of 1601s and WIC-1Ts off ebay for $50 each and there's enough of a lab to get you going.


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Oh no, I'm not hanging around. I passed my INTRO a couple of weeks ago and my ICND is tomorrow. I'm getting a last minute bit (OK, 12 hours worth) of revision in before.

I saw on SourceForge that there are a couple of projects dedicated to this, none of which seem to have seen any action in the last couple of years!

I would dearly have loved to have got hold of some kit to practice with, but I was out bid on everything I wanted, damn those with more money than me!

If any> If somebody had the source-code, recompiling it for MacOS would be

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