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I'm working on securing a local PRI circuit for a client located in
Iowa and am running into a few problems.  I have checked with numerous
service providers who said they were unable to provide a circuit in
our area.  Speaking with our LEC, they want to charge over $825 per
month on a 2 year contract.  I checked with another LEC in our area
that quoted around $450 per month, but said they could not give us
that price because we are not on their network.  Is this a common
scenario for PRI service to only be offered by one service provider in
a given area, and if so, is it common to see pricing as steep as $825
per month?  Trying to justify this to management, we could easily stay
on POTS lines (since we are not planning on utilizing all 23 channels
of the PRI right now).

I've looked at integrated circuits, but we'd like to try to stay away
because we heavily rely on our Internet circuit and utilize as much
bandwidth as we can get (especially since our remote workers will be
utilizing VoIP over the Internet circuit once this new solution is
figured out).

Any suggestions would be more than appreciated.

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