Dialogic SR51 on linux

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I'm trying to rebuild an old voicemail system. It was running linux 7.2
(kernel upgraded to 2.4.9-34), with LiS-2.15:0 and Dialogic SR51 SP1
drivers, when the disk died. Now I can't find copies of that version of
Streams, nor the base SR51 package (I have LINUX_51_SP1.tgz which is the
Service Pack #1 file 119,503,424 bytes)

Can SR51 SP1 be installed without a prior installation of SR51 (which I
cannot locate)? The installer refuses after doing a brief search for
SR51, but I don't remember ever having to do the base install first on
the original machine.

Can anyone point me to a download of the linux base version of SR51, and
also a copy of Streams LiS-2.15:0 ?



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