Alexa, What Happened to My Car? [telecom]

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Alexa, What Happened to My Car?

The arrival of voice-controlled assistants in cars raises security and privacy
concerns. Depending on automakers' setups, it could expose your information
or property.

Amazon's Alexa voice-controlled virtual assistant is the Chatty Cathy
of the tech world, a digital darling that consumers can't get enough
of. It can tell chicken jokes, order pizza and turn off the kitchen
faucet. So it's not surprising that Alexa has made the leap from the
home to the car.

But just as Alexa promises added hands-free convenience for drivers,
researchers and engineers warn that it also opens new avenues for
hacking, tracking and sonic attacks. Depending on how voice-activated
assistants are connected, such hacks could range from annoying pranks
like opening a car's windows in the rain to dangerous attacks like
remotely unlocking a house's doors for a robbery.

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