What Happened To Channel 1

I've always wondered what happened to Channel 1 as a viable television channel. Is there a substantial reason behind this? I am very interested in this particular issue and if anyone could provide me with any information pertaining to this subject I would greatly apprecaite it.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: This is a topic we have covered here on a few occassions in the past. The generally accepted answer is that the lowest of the television channels (one through four or five) are allocated in very close proximity to the 'VHF-low' radio frequencies. In fact, channel one on television overlapped a section of the VHF-low area and caused much interference with VHF-low radio activities (30-50 megs) so it was decided to return the use of that frequency to the VHF-low people (often times small town police/sheriff forces, etc). This decision (to return the 'channel one' allocation to the VHF-low people) was made back in the early days of television, around the 1940's. So for most people, they can never remember a time when there 'used to be a channel one'. More modern (over the air) television sets do not even include a '1' dial any longer, and haven't for about a half-century. Now cable-ready television sets and channel one is a totally different matter. PAT]
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