Honeywell Vista 20P - Reprogramming to allow entry/exit delay for backdoor.

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Can someone confirm or advise whether what I am thinking of doing will work
 for my Vista 20P Honeywell alarm system.

Desired outcome: add a delayed entry/exit for a backdoor(leaving the front  
door on a delayed entry as well)

Current configuration:
Residential home currently programmed with 8 zones.  

Front door is on zone 2 by itself, currently programmed as type 01 zone wit
h delayed entry/exit.

Backdoor and kitchen & Porch windows are on Zone 3 (which currently does no
t allow for a delayed entry of the backdoor)

Based on the Youtube videos I've watched and reading of various manuals/sit
es. I am thinking that if I merely reprogram Zone 3 to a type 02 or 03 zone
 this will allow for delayed entry/exit from the Backdoor.  I am assuming t
he kitchen windows would also be on the delay since they are wired in zone  
3 along with backdoor but I'm not concerned about them being on the delay t

So will this work?  or because the windows being on same zone as backdoor w
ill this create a problem other than them being delayed too that I am not a
ware of?

Note: No motion sensor concerns as not within path to backdoor.

Thank you for your help


Re: Honeywell Vista 20P - Reprogramming to allow entry/exit delay for backdoor.
02  will make it a entry 2 ( be sure and set the amount of time your  
want at * 36)
Exit time will be same for both...

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